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Accordian Shutters

Supreme Aluminum LLC offers Miami-Dade code approved accordion shutters tested to withstand a cat 5 hurricane. The accordions come in white, ivory, beige, or bronze and the accordions have compact stacking to provide optimum window view. Accordion shutters allow for an easy solution to protect your openings and deploy in a very short amount of time to help you focus on all the other necessities to handle before a large storm hits. We offer various egress options so that you can shut the accordion and go or shut the accordion and stay. The accordions close easily with either a key (if locking from the outside of your home) or a push button lock (if closing from the inside of your home). It makes second floor window protection much more manageable without needing a ladder like you would need if you were to deploying other types of shutters. The accordion shutter system has been around for decades and is a tried and true shutter system, with numerous storm proven results. Supreme Aluminum LLC installs new accordion shutters in the Miami Dade area and throughout South Florida. We can provide you with a free quote for your home or office, just give us a call today.


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