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Screen Enclosure Revitalization

Supreme Aluminum offers a range of different services to bring back that new look of your old and dirty screen enclosure. Our multi-phased attack will bring the life back to your enclosure. We start by removing all the old screen from your enclosure. Once all the old screen and spline has been removed, we blast the entire enclosure with a pressure washing phase to remove all the built up dirt and mildew on the enclosure which can quickly build up over the years. If preferred, we can also pressure wash the entire back patio area as well, while we are in the pressure washing phase, to make the entire patio area clean again and like new. Next, we do a chemical treatment cleaning on all the aluminum framing of the entire enclosure. This further removes all dirt, rust, and mildew from the enclosure and gets us back to a clean aluminum surface.

Next, we attend to all the rusted hardware around the entire enclosure and replace all new harware where necessary and add additional thru-bolts and bracing upgrades where needed to bring older enclosures up to a modern building code. Once all the hardware has been replaced and upgraded, we are ready to paint the enclosure and give it a new shine! We use specific extrusion metal paint to ensure the original factory look. Next, after allowing the enclosure to dry thoroughly, we will rescreen the entire enclsoure with new Phifer brand screen. Finally, we tend to any doors or door hardware that might need replacing to ensure that your doors open and close smoothly. After all is said and done, your enclosure will be brought back to life and your patio area will be a place of beauty once again!