Custom Screen Enclosures

Constructing beautiful screen enclosures in South Florida has been our primary market since the beginning of our company. We have consistently provided our customers with new screen enclosures built far more superior than what our competitors deliver. Our standard is to go "Above and Beyond the Call of Code!" Not only do we adhere to the various codes of South Florida, we also take pride in our work. We build strong screen enclosure that weather the test of time. We offer clear view screen enclosures to provide optimum view. Screen enclosures are available in white or bronze. We assist our customers in acquiring the necessary HOA paperwork, and we take care of the permitting to make the process as smooth as possible. We offer different types of screen depending on your needs. We offer standard 18x14 mesh (most common screen), 20x20 mesh (tighter mesh that keeps no-see-ums out), pet screen (prevents your pets from ripping the screen), SunTex screen 80 or 90 (blocks out either 80 or 90 percent of the sunlight), Florida Glass (can not see through and does not allow water to seep through). Already have a screen enclosure, but it looks old and worn down. We offer screen enclosure revitalizations. This entails:
  • Remove old screen and re-screen enclosure
  • Pressure wash entire enclosure
  • Chemical clean all mildew and dirt stains,
  • Touch up paint in areas where needed
  • Replace rusted through hardware that has been rendered useless
  • Replace doors with new closure kits (pump, handle, and latch)
We construct a variety of different Screen Enclosure types in South Florida: Mansard, Gable, Sloped, Domed, and more. Please see our gallery for more pictures of some of the fabulous work we've down.
Fifteen years in the screen enclosure business means when it comes time for inspection you can be sure there will be no surprises.
After a free initial consulation to discuss your custom screen enclosure requirements we will provide blueprints for your approval and to get the permit right away.