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Hurricane Preparation Services

Supreme Aluminum offers a range of different services to assist you prior to a storm making landfall. We offer several service methods and products used to help minimize the damage done to your property from a hurricane. Prior to a hurricane making landfall just give us a call to come prepare your house, patio, and property for the storm.

Did you know, the majority of screen enclosures that were destroyed during the 2005 and 2006 hurricane seasons could have been prevented by taking these additional precautions? There are several methods we utilize to minimize the damage done to your screen enclosure during a hurricane. First of all, we add additional wind bracings, such as cable bracings, roof bracings, and wall bracings. Then we remove particular sections of screen from your enclosure which would act as a sail pulling on the aluminum structure, causing massive damage. By removing these particular screen sections, we will allow the winds to pass through the enclosure, minimizing the drag forces on the enclsoure which cause the most damage. This will greatly reduce the wind force applied to your enclosure. Also, we will remove and store away your screen doors into your garage or storage area. During a hurricane, screen doors get ripped open violently and either continue to slam open and closed throughout the storm, or get ripped off of the enclosure entirely and become a projectile which could cause serious damage! Finally, we will do a review of local vegatation, such as trees, which might pose a threat to your property. We will remove these threats to prevent serious damage to your home or patio. Trees can always grow back, but a damaged roof can turn into a deadly disaster! These techniques, amongst others, are combined to give you the optimum protection for your patio in the event of a storm.

After the storm has passed, Supreme will return and get you back to daily life again. We will remove all downed vegatation from your property and properly dispose of it for you. Then, we will get your patio back into everyday living order again. We will replace all removed and damaged screens, re-install your screen doors, and pressure wash your patio to get it nice and clean again.